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Proper diet not only is important for humans, it is the most basic aspect of a pet's lifestyle. Flint River Ranch food is structured to help the animal's body to holistically heal itself through proper nutrition. Benefits are noticeable in the pet's shiny coat, healthy skin and energy level.

All this and NO chemical preservatives, NO ethoxyquin, NO BHA or BHT and NO by-products!!

Over a period of 25 years we had fed many brands of dog food but when we saw what FRR did for our dogs we knew there would be no other brand of pet food in our home again. When we started feeding FRR foods, we had the additional challenge of having puppy buyers in remote places to whom all brands of food were not available in their local stores. We wanted to be able to recommend a high quality food that would be available to them and, of course, be the best for our puppies. FRR proved the impossible was indeed possible! FRR is the best pet food we've found, performance-wise, and is actually the most affordable commercial food we can feed our dogs. The fact that it is cost-efficient would not be at all significant if we were not so impressed with the results we get from it.
Aside from offering Flint River Ranch foods to you, we are very happy FRR users ourselves. Some of the reasons we are so dedicated to this pet food are:
  • Performance - Even dogs in summer coats have good quality hair and firm rib cover without flabby fat. Fussy, picky eaters do very well on FRR finding the taste very palatable.
  • Consistency - The product is based on a fixed formulation and is the same each time it is shipped.
  • Availability - Shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. via UPS.
  • Value - The reduction in volume fed is less than any other brand of dog food so saving are obvious.

No food is going to be right for all pets but we have been astonished at the vast number that do exceptionally well on this food and feel very confident recommending it to consumers who are looking for the best to feed their pets. Look over your current pet food - smell it! taste it! How does it feel? Would you eat it? If not - why would you feed it to your pet?

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